Competition Rules


Three entries in total may be made for the our competitions, the sections for which are as
• Colour prints
• Monochrome prints
• Projected digital images

A member may enter all items in a single section, or may spread them between sections (e.g.
3 colour prints or 2 monochrome prints and 1 digital projected image).

All prints are to be handed in on the competition evening and signed in on the relevant sheet.

Entries for digital projection should be emailed to the secretary (Debbie) using the
‘’ address during the week before the competition (to
arrive no later than the Saturday evening) or made available on CD, pen drive etc. at the
meeting before the competition. Late entries will not be accepted.

All entries will be marked out of 20.

• All entries must have been taken in the last 2 years.
• Prints / digital images may not be entered in more than one competition (see note
• Each print should have a title. Members should write their Identification Number on
the back of each print and on each slide.
• Monochrome prints may be of any tone but not include any additional colour
• Print entries should not be larger than 20 x 16 inches, including mount

• Digital images should be Jpegs
• The image size should be no more than 1400 pixels wide x 1050 pixels high - i.e. if
the picture is in landscape mode, the maximum width should be 1400 pixels and if in
portrait mode, the maximum height should be 1050 pixels.
• The resolution can be set at 72 pixels per inch
• If the digital image is less than the maximum image sizes to start with, the rest of the
image can be made up to the quoted maximum sizes by using the ‘canvas size’ tool
and the increased area filled with the black background default.
• The digital image should be given a title only and no other text to identify the
photographer should be visible in either the title or on the image itself.

• An image can only be used once in a club competition – if entered as a print it cannot
be entered as a projected image and vice versa. Images used in the Chairman’s
Challenge or in competitions against other clubs can still be entered in one club

• A monochrome print may only be entered if the corresponding colour print has not
already been used. Once the monochrome version is entered in a competition the
colour version is not eligible for entry at a later date.